Platoo TXReport TTXSysLabel

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System data label.

Use TTXSysLabel to print system data, such as the current date or page number, on your report.

TTXSysLabel - Properties

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Format string.

Delphi declaration
property FormatString: String read FFormatString write SetFormatString;
C++ declaration
__property System::AnsiString FormatString={ read=FFormatString, write=SetFormatString, nodefault }

Use FormatString to control formatting of the data printed by the label. See AnsiString help for information on formatting.

Type of system data dispalyed by TTXSysLabel .

Delphi declaration
TTXSysDataType=(txDate, txTime, txDateTime, txPage, txTitle);
C++ declaration
enum TTXSysDataType { txDate, txTime, txDateTime, txPage, txTitle };

Value Meaning

txDate Current date.

txTime Current time.

txDateTime Current date and time.

txPage Number of current page.

txTitle Report title.