Platoo-Contact - Introduction

Application area of the Program:

The purpose of the program creators is to provide with an effective tool for the areas related to communication. Therefore it is especially useful in the areas where regular communication with persons is required, and this communication process is required to be managed and monitored, for instance:
  • performance of sale work,
  • performance of inquiries and research,
  • credit monitoring, etc.
Communication activities can be easily planned and monitored by using this program.

For instance, within the sale work the Program enables to:

  • create a list of potential customers and their contact persons, and to amend this continously,
  • indicate any information related to the customer to customer data, such as principle competitors for instance,
  • plan events or contacts with customers,
  • see the events planned with the customer,
  • see the customer’s event history,
  • analyze events and data related thereto,
  • conduct inquiries among selected customers (potential customers),
  • analyze inquiry results and other similar information,
  • fix products and their sale stage, etc.

Using of the Platoo Contact provides:

  • the sale persons with an oportunity to overview their work and
  • the sale manager with an oprtunity to overview the sale persons’ work.
These available overviews enable on their turn to adopt resolutions necessary for sale work and to plan the sale activities.

Brief description:

The program is mainly targeted to planning and registration of communication events: with reagrd to each communication event, the other side thereof will be saved - the customer, date and time of the event, event type such as telephone, visit, etc. Time planned, event conducting agent, customer’s contact person(s), etc. In addition to a simple event, events targeted to many customers at the same time have been considered as well, such as offering made to a selected group for instance - mass offering. regular use of the program by many users within compter network is available. An administrator will be appointed for the program and the database who shall be entitled to add users for the program from among the existing agents who may be the company’s employees for instance. The agent who uses the program is a user for the program. The users are the persons who have been provided with an access to the program under user’s password and password, and permitted procedures have been determined by the user’s level.
For instance, the program users may be sale agents and in addition thereto also the administrator and the sale manager having more rights than regular users.
The users work with customers who are the company’s customers but who can also be suppliers or other similar persons the company communicates with. Own customers may be specified for each agent and several agents may deal with the same customer as well. The communicators of the customers are the customer’s contact persons, one customer may have more than one of those.
Different reports may be created with regard to both planned events and event history.
Tools for keeping of information on essential products related to the customer attached to customer data, creation a list of documents related to the customer as well as differing grouping availabilities of the customers have been developed as additional options.

More detailed description:

User's manual (PDF) English
User's manual (PDF) Estonian

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