Platoo FReport ComponentsTags, file names, paths,server variables and configuration parameters.


With FR components tags are used to calculate the run-time values of different string-type variables. Tags exist within the string or TString variables in the <#TagName> form.

On the TFRStaticText component, the OnTag event is called once for every tag contained in the text in the following form:


void __fastcall TForm1::FRStaticText1Tag(TObject *Sender, AnsiString Name,

AnsiString &Value)


procedure TForm1.FRStaticText1Tag(Sendr: TObject; Name: String;

var Value: String);

Here the Sender is TFRStaticText that called the event handler, Name is the name of the tag, i.e. the string between <# and> tokens in the initial text given as Lines property of TFRStaticText or read from text file, specified by FileName property. Value is the result of event processing and must be replaced with string that will be inserted into the HTML document instead of the <#TagName> construction. If the Value is not set, then, in the case the LeaveEmptyTags is true, the tag remains in the text in its original form and can be processed later. If LeaveEmptyTags is false, the tag is removed from the HTML text.

In the case of TFRStaticText the tag replacement mechanism can be used to create a HTML document on the template basis, to set parameters or other parts of JavaScript.

Tags can also be used within the HREF property of TFRForm.Action , TFRImage.PathInfo and all the components. In this case they are useful for adding variable qualities, such as server name, ISAPI script name and directory path, picture fail's direcory path automatically into the HTML document being generated. In such case the tags SERVER_NAME and SCRIPT_NAME are replaced with the corresponding server variables. The PATH section of the configuration file will be searched for the values of other tags contained in the TFRForm.Action and TFRImage.PathInfo properties.

See ISAPI Reference in MS help for additional information on SERVER_VARIABLES and TISAPIApp.ConfigParams for additional information on FReport configuration file.