Platoo FReport ComponentsTables in HTML


Tables in the HTML documents are used both as design elements to present the information in the form of a table as well as to keep the elements at a set distance with regard to each other. Unlike the Grid components in C++Builder or Delphi, the cell of a HTML table may extend across several rows and/or columns. This is determined by HTML attributes COLSPAN and ROWSPAN. A cell of a HTML tabel can include all HTML elements.

Upon using FR components the table is created by using three types of components: TFRTable , TFRTableBand and TFRTableCell .

The TFRTable acts as a container for TFRTableBand components, and the TFRTableBand components in turn act as containers for TFRTableCell components. A TFRTableCell component may be a container for all the FR components.

In every HTML table to be generated, one or several rows correspond to every TFRTableBand component, every TFRTableBand component corresponds to one cell in the HTML document to be generated. The necessary empty cells between the TFRTableCell components are created automatically by TFRTable, also the necessary COLSPAN and ROWSPAN values are calculated automatically.

If you use the TFRTable.DataSource property and set the BandType = frdbData on one TFRTableBand, then the band is entered once for each record in the database.

To generate master/detail reports, one or several of the TFRTable frdbData type band's cells may include another TFRTable that is connected to the relevant details datasource. The master/detail relationships of the database components must be set in the usual way.