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Use TFRTableBand to insert groups of TFRTableCell into your table.

Each TFRTableBand can produce one or more rows in resulting table.

If you have DataSource set for your TFRTable and BandType set to frdbData, band will be inserted once for each record in dataset.

If you have OnNeedData event implemented, band will be inserted once for each record found in external data source.

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Delphi declaration
property OnNeedData: TFROnNeedData read FOnNeedData write FOnNeedData;
C++ declaration
__property TFROnNeedData OnNeedData={ read=FOnNeedData, write=FOnNeedData }

Use OnNeedData event to repeat band and read data from sources other than t he database.

TFRTableBand - Properties

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Delphi declaration
property BandType: TFRTableBandType read FBandType write FBandType default frtbSimple;
C++ declaration
__property TFRTableBandType BandType={ read=FBandType, write=FBandType, default=0 }

Set BandType to frdbData to insert band once for each row found in t he dataset linked to TFRTable .
Delphi declaration
property Style;
C++ declaration
__property Style