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In this project the FReport's ReportParams property together with TFRInput (TFRHidden) ReportParam and AutoName property, and FRDBLabel OnGetONCLICK even are used to generate the drilldown report. Also TFRTableBand OnGetStyle event is used to design the table.

In the WebModul ISAPIDispatcher1 OnDefaultRequest event we generate a form, with the help of which the user can insert the start and end dates of the report. The names of the relevant EDIT INPUTS are FROM_DATE and TO_DATE. The ReportParams of the same name are used later for frequent use of these parameters in the client's request.

The first report we create by using fmCtotals module in aiCustTot OnAction event, describes the volume of the clients' orders during the report period. The FReport1 on fmCtotals form has two lines in ReportParams property: FROM_DATE and TO_DATE, which are linked to the FRHidden components on the form. As a result, the relevant information is added to the HTML FORM element to be created and its Submit() method sends the information back to the server together with the request. In FRDBLabel2 OnGetHREF event we create a HREF, which will launch the JavaScript function CustDetails (realised with the help of FRStaticText1) by using the client code on the current line as its parameter. JavaScript CustDetails values the third HIDDEN element on the HTML form (component FRHidden3, HTML named CUST_NO) and calls the Submit() function of the HTML FORM, as a result of which the custdet request is generated using FROM_DATE, TO_DATE and CUST_NO as request parameters.

custdet request is processed by the OnAction event of the aiCustDet, which builds a SQL query to find client's orders during a report period according to the request parameters, and a fmCustDet module to generate the respective HTML. fmCustDet uses similar technique to open a specific order.