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In this project the TFRDataSource component is used for database processing. The ISADispModule1 includes the components ISAPIDispatcher1 and aiDataAct to manage the queries, and Session1, taData, taLookup to link to the database.

The ISAPIDispatcher1 OnDefaultRequest creates the form TfmDefault, which creates the HTML document containing a link to open the data form. To create the data form, the aiDataAct OnAction event is used, where the tables are opened, the form TfmDataForm is created, and the opened tables are linked to the TFRDataSource components on TfmDataForm.

The DataSource of the FReport component found on the TfmDataForm is the MainDS contained on the same form, and the DefaultAction of the MainDS is First. This ensures that the MainDS searches for the first record in the database; in the case the form is accessed using an URL that does not contain the information necessary to manage the TFRDataSource. Next request to the same form by clicking on the buttons "First", "Last", etc. are carried out using an automatically generated URL that contains the information for the management of the TFRDataSource. The TfmDataForm includes TFREdit components for editing fields of String and Integer type, TFRCheckBox for editing Boolean fields, and TFRListBox for creating lookup-lists. It also includes TFRRecordKey for managing TFRDataSource in the case of repeated access of the form. The MainDS KeyFields property contains the KeyField name that is the primary key of the table and necessary for finding records upon saving changed data or deleting a record.